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242 Wythe Ave #4, Brooklyn, NY 11249

Unlock Your Acting Potential: Experience the Intersection of Psychology and Theatre at Our Studio with Virtual and In-Person Classes and Coaching


We use a number of different acting techniques including:

  • Constantin Stanislavski
  • Uta Hagen
  • Lee Strasberg
  • Eric Morris
  • Sanford Meisner
  • Michael Chekhov

The skills and tools learned in our acting workshops are life changing and do not only apply to the stage but also to the real world.

Unleash Your Inner Actor: Virtual and In-Person Workshops and Coaching for All Skill Levels - From Complete Beginners to Seasoned Professionals - at Our Theatre Studio with a Rich Tradition of Producing Memorable Performances

Be The Actor Within’s approach to acting is grounded in the belief that psychology and emotions are at the heart of great performances. We strive to help actors connect with their inner selves and emotions in order to bring authenticity and depth to their characters.


Our classes and workshops are designed to explore various techniques for accessing and expressing emotions, including sensory exercises, improvisation, and character analysis. We also focus on building strong communication skills and developing a deep understanding of human behaviour and relationships.


In addition to our emphasis on psychology, we are proud to produce both contemporary and classical theatre. We believe that the study of classical works provides a strong foundation for understanding the craft of acting, while contemporary plays challenge actors to explore new and innovative approaches to storytelling.

Method acting is a technique where an actor aspires to complete emotional identification with a part.


The current system can be traced back to Konstantin Stanislavsky who identified a need for a practical and disciplined acting method. From his work grew a wave of theatrical innovations and a modern reassessment of the task of the actor.


Method acting is associated with actors such as: Joaquin Phoenix; Michelle Williams; Daniel Day-Lewis; Rosario Dawson; Jesse Martin; Hilary Swank; Robert De Niro; Jane Fonda; Christian Bale; Sally Field; Jack Nicholson; Uma Thurman; Marlon Brando and Marilyn Monroe.

The journey of the actor from formal training to being on stage or in front of a camera is a deeply personal and unique one.


The dynamics involved in the craft of acting demand a training that allows for bespoke and individual interpretation, participation and development.


Our facilitators work to understand an individual’s life experiences and approaches to different stimuli so they can identify their unique talent and ultimately empower them to Be The Actor Within.

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It’s about being real, true, raw

Be the Actor Within provides a space that embraces real life and transcends creatively and liberally. It’s about being real, true, raw. Scary, exposing, nerve wrecking YES...else what's the point. Learning the craft and art of letting go and being, is beautiful empowering and nurtured in our sessions with James.

Office Manger
These are not just acting skills, they are life skills

During the acting workshop we learn to look within and sense how to use our experiences and emotions to play a theatrical role that is genuine and memorable. James helps people relate to others, to better understand friends, colleagues, even strangers. Of course these are not just acting skills, they are life skills. He guides people with humour, empathy and direction, always building people up, never tearing them down.

A brilliant, challenging and very rewarding experience

An intense acting class in a supportive environment that helps you to express truthfully the emotion and intent behind the words of any script or text you wish to focus on. A brilliant, challenging and very rewarding experience and highly recommended for those who wish to push their careers to the next level.

It's an unusual, challenging and invigorating experience

It's an unusual, challenging and invigorating experience and can be transformative. The people in the acting class are of mixed experience and are quite diverse and the vibe is very supportive, warm and encouraging. I'd really recommend James as teacher and this course as a place to explore yourself.

This process changed my perspective

I’m like a fish out of water in front of the camera however this process changed my perspective to the point that by the final performance, I wasn't even really cognisant of other people watching me 'perform'. No mean feat. I would highly recommend.

Management Consultant
An Incredible Experience

Be the Actor Within is an incredible experience for everyone that attends. It’s an emotional rollercoaster that focuses our energy on some intense final performances. So glad this opportunity is available.

Technical Consultant
A safe and understanding place

James ensures all of his students receive honest constructive feedback combined with dramatic exercises which further and deepen an understanding of the dramatic process in a safe and understanding place. I personally have gained an understanding of both myself and of a performance technique which I can apply to a range of situations. James gets real results very quickly with this approach, and the acting classes are interesting, moving, funny and often challenging!